Santiago in the bag!

Stage 3 compete! 2094km from Brighton to Santiago!

Mountains have been conquered and friends made. This really is starting to turn into the epic adventure I had dreamed of.


Actually, I am already well down the road on the Camino Norde, 2434km from Brighton, in Aviles! Sitting on a sunny terrace with a beer. So much has happened in the past few weeks, so much cycling! Future posts will give more details, but for now – please be assured I am loving it!

In France I died and went to cycle path heaven! Hundreds of km’s of perfect pathways run through forests, many hours spent totally alone in the wilderness.

Spain is where the true spirit of the Camino comes to life. Every day a total mix of surface to cycle and the Alburgue’s (hostels for pilgrims on route to Santiago) make it all very social.

More details will follow, but for now I must go eat another delicious Spanish dinner… less than 10 euros for 3 courses and half a bottle of vino! Until the next update, Buen Camino!


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4 Responses to Santiago in the bag!

  1. Claudia says:

    Very Proud of you! just hoping that that tattoo is not yours 🙂

    • mygirovelo says:

      Maybe 😉 you like? Helped fix this guys bike. 2 of them with matching tattoos going from Barcelona to the Boom festival in Portugal! They made me something to give you which I hope I didn’t loose already!

  2. carlouche says:

    Hey Stu, it’s Carly! Remember me? 🙂
    Loving reading about your adventures, well done, and keep ’em coming!

  3. In Les Logues homeward bound after a Smoking time in Portugal, say hi to brother John as you pass Monaco, good luck !
    Tom & Moonyoung

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